PS3 Review: The Wolf Among Us – Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing

Has Bigby finally met his match?

The last episode of The Wolf Among Us saw Bigby nearly die from a barrage of shotgun shells from the Tweedle brothers and a silver bullet from Bloody Mary, courtesy of the Crooked Man. I personally chose to rip out Dee’s throat at the end of the episode, he was asking for it in my book. Episode 4 picks up with the aftermath of Bigby’s injuries and after being told to take it easy by Dr Swineheart goes looking for the Crooked Man.
You come across Beauty and Beast to discover why they are in debt to the Crooked Man; they are “used to a certain lifestyle” and were “royalty once” so they racked up debt to stay like that, which really stopped my sympathies for them. A revelation that Beast was delivering Crooked Man’s packages as well was a surprise, as well as finding a drug den for making glamours in a butcher shop. There’s the introduction of the Jersey Devil in this episode who doesn’t take kindly to Bigby in his pawn shop and they fight in what is the best sequence the series has thus far.

It makes you wonder what it’s all building up to. Episode 4 is a bit slower and shorter paced than the past episodes, but it does give breathing space and room for character development, which is always a plus. You are forced to make tough choices between standing by Snow or sending Toad and Colin to “The Farm” for not wearing glamours, I chose to keep them in Fabletown because you never know how useful they will be in the final episode, even if Snow doesn’t appreciate that.
That’s another thing; Snow has been exceptionally cold in this episode. I think there’s something going on with her that I imagine will be revealed in the finale that could turn the series on its head. Crane obviously didn’t kill those Fables as we see him getting a flight to Paris courtesy of Bloody Mary and the showdown with the Crooked Man only starts getting going before the credits roll. I had a feeling it would end when it did, but I really didn’t want it to…the wait for Episode 5 has never seemed longer…

The Verdict

Episode 4 slows things down a bit for the finale, but it’s not terrible by any means. It has memorable moments, tough choices and great character development. I only hope the finale picks up the pace and ends the series on a high and hopefully the wait won’t be too long…