PS3 Review: The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

Has Bigby finally found his killer?

What a rollercoaster Episode 2 was! Snow White was not only still alive, but the woman who died was a troll who was made to look like Miss White, then there’s the revelation that the troll was a prostitute and her last client seemed to be none other than Icahbod Crane who smashed the magic mirror and vanished into the night.
Episode 3 picks up immediately after with Bigby concerned that Crane is stalking Snow and attends Lily the Troll’s funeral only to be ambushed by the Tweedle brothers, Dum and Dee who warn him off Crane. I chose to stand up to them only then for Grendel, Holly and Bigby to be shot by the brothers before running off. Luckily we all survived as it’s not so easy to kill a Fable, but the question remains what is the brothers’ involvement? Did Crane pay them to protect him or are they working for another party?

Afterwards, the hunt for Crane begins and with a piece of the magic mirror missing there was no way to find Crane directly, so I was given a choice to search the Tweedle brothers office, Crane’s apartment or go to the Trip Trap bar and look for Lily’s items to see if there was a clue to where Crane had gone. The answer presented itself in the form of an address for a witch who has been giving out illegal glamours, including the one given to Lily to turn her into Snow White. We missed Crane but came face to face with the witch who has been making the glamours with the help of an ancient tree, I was once again given the choice to choose between burning it and ruining her life or to let her go, I chose to burn it down and I expect vengeance further down the line.
We finally catch up with Crane at the Pudding n’ Pie to see him using a magic ring on the girls there to try and prove his innocence and it’s clear then that he’s not our killer, he’s nothing but a coward who has been skimming off the top, but he’s no murderer. But if he isn’t, then who is? Bluebeard has been acting suspiciously and there’s the introduction of new characters like The Crooked Man who everyone owes money to, and Bloody Mary who kidnaps Crane.

Bigby really loses it in this episode and transforms into the Big Bad Wolf and you are left with a rather tough choice towards the end, I won’t spoil it for you…but man, its dark. If there’s anything to criticise about the episode, it’s that it left me wanting more and there’s no set release date for Episode 4, making the wait all the harder.

The Verdict

Episode 3 is the best yet, it doesn’t slow down at all and the case of the killer becomes more intriguing. Hopefully, Episode 4 will give us some answers or maybe it’ll throw us in another direction once again.