PS3 Review: The Walking Dead Season Two – Episode 3: In Harm’s Way

Kill Bill Vol. 3?

The last episode of The Walking Dead saw Clementine reunite with Kenny and it was a touching moment, but also an insight into how the events of Season One have scarred him emotionally. It wasn’t long before it all went to hell and the group was captured by Bill Carver, the leader of a community that resides in an abandoned warehouse complex. Carver is nuts, plain and simple…he tries his best to justify his insane actions and insane is the word for it, and amazingly he seems to believe it himself.
Stunned as I was, Carver forgave the group for deserting him and put them to work around the camp alongside members from the 400 Days episode. Obviously, the story will be very different depending on if you managed to keep certain characters alive from the last episode and managed to convince members to join the community in 400 Days. It’s nice to see it all pay off, although I do hope we see more of the other members from that mini-episode as we only saw a few in this outing.

It’s not long before the group begins plotting to escape and even when Carver discovers the truth, he spares everyone…with the exception of Kenny, he beats him so bad that he loses an eye…I’m not sure if he could have been spared that, but it was brutal and I honestly though he wasn’t going to pull through. Luckily it’s not long after that the group makes a break for it with the help of Clementine who really holds her nerve here, she’s become so battle-hardened from her past that it’s starting to become scary. Who knows what she and we as the player are capable of next.
Michael Madsen is superb as the role of Bill Carver. I don’t know if his character name is a coincidence or a homage to Tarantino’s Kill Bill films, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless and he plays the role of a ruthless psychopath all too well. The rest of the cast are also well done and believable, while the music is just as epic and emotional as always.

The Verdict
In Harm’s Way sets the stage for where the series can go from here, the group is on the open road and vulnerable. Everything is up in the air and no-one is safe, I can’t wait for the next episode and hopefully it won’t be as long a wait as the last one…