PS3 Review: The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5: No Going Back

Can Clementine survive the season finale?

The last episode of The Walking Dead hit us with some tough choices and harsh situations. Rebecca had turned into a walker after giving birth, just as the group is ambushed by Arvo and his Russian buddies, before I decided to shoot Rebecca and then a gunfight ensued on the cliffhanger.
The final episode in Season 2 focuses on the group’s rapid decline, Kenny is slipping through the cracks, taking his anger out on a captured Arvo with the disapproval of the group, while Clementine does her best to put a brave face on the situation. You will lose many more of your friends in this last episode, but none more so than the final stand-off between two of your group members after a shocking twist ensues. Ultimately, you decide who dies and who you go with…which I hope will play out across Season 3.

It’s actually a short episode, but it has so many dramatic moments and tough decisions hurled at you that it doesn’t let up, not even for a second. I wonder if we will still be playing as Clem in Season 3, or if it’ll star a whole new group. Either way, the possibilities are endless for the series, especially with the amount of different outcomes you can get in this finale, which is obviously a lot more than in Season 1 where all you could do was leave Lee to turn or shoot him in the head, speaking of which…it was nice of him to make a small cameo with Clem, in what context you’ll have to find out for yourself…
So ultimately, its up to Telltale where the story goes from here…but I hope the decisions made here will impact the next season greatly. As for the presentation, its the strongest it has been all season…which is saying something, since it’s looked great for the past 4 episodes. Voice-acting is superb as you would expect, and the music is very atmospheric and gritty as before.

The Verdict

The season finale of Season 2 is a triumph. Clementine steals the show once again and you can’t help wanting her to have a happy ending, but is this it for her? Or will Telltale carry on her story? Only they know, but I can’t wait to find out…