PS3 Review: The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Amid The Ruins

Can Clem survive the penultimate episode?

The last episode of The Walking Dead saw Clementine finally escape the clutches of Carver and his crew, we lost a few other characters in the episode and the next is no different, expect to lose at least one of your team. After getting through the horde of walkers, the group finally meet up but it’s not long before Rebecca goes into labour as the group find a safe place for her to give birth as well as finding the right supplies to get through the ordeal.
Kenny is a mess thanks to his latest loss, I chose to cut off Sarita’s arm in hoping it’d save her…but ultimately it didn’t stop anything and Kenny was seriously mad at Clem. I can’t say I blame him, but he is incredibly harsh to Clementine in this episode, as well as being unpredictable…I couldn’t tell if he’d get himself killed over something dumb or fly off the handle, guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

There’s a huge emotional moment as Rebecca gives birth, I wondered if the baby survived…then he finally starts breathing, I was sure he didn’t make it…which would have been a tough call for Telltale to make, of course there’s the risk that he still might not survive. Not everyone makes it out alive in this episode, but that’s nothing new when it comes to the series. There’s been at least 1 death in each episode, so don’t go getting too attached because chances are someone you know will snuff it.
Clem and Jane run into a young Russian man who has medicine, I chose to take it from him for Rebecca despite his claims that it was for his sick sister. The choice ultimately comes to bite me in the backside towards the end of the episode, which sets up the finale and the agonizing wait for it. There is a lot of emotion in this episode and choices that I wouldn’t normally make, but ultimately you are left with little choice.

The Verdict

It’s the toughest episode to get through so far and there’s still the finale to go, Episode 4 provides the best episode of the series to date with incredibly tough decisions, emotional moments and the usual anticipation for the next episode. Don’t make the wait too long Telltale, please….