PS3 Review: The Shoot

How are you going to shoot your way out of this one?

The Shoot is an on-rails shooter like Time Crisis, but doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s set in a film studio where you have to shoot the bad guys and don’t shoot the civilians across a number of film sets ranging from your typical Western shooter to a horror film. But is it scarily good or frighteningly bad?

It falls somewhere in the middle, actually. The Shoot uses Playstation Move and makes you point and shoot, but also gives you other Move controls like turning 360 degrees to slow down time, shooting the ground to cause an earthquake and shooting the ceiling to activate a carnage mode which gives you a spray of bullets to fire and doesn’t disrupt your multiplier.

You gain these abilities over time by gathering a high enough combo and these can be used at any time. They are incredibly useful during some sections, but the game isn’t that much of a challenge and obviously aimed for the more casual audience. Most enemies will go down with a single shot, but some require more to die…despite that, you can still kill them in one hit by nailing a headshot.

This is where Move comes into its own and shows how accurate it can be as a pointer. It’s about as precise as it possible and is a good way of showing off the tech. The game itself is a bit hit and miss though. It has some strong moments but it’s rather short and only has 5 sets to get through. Trophies will get you to come back, but the lifespan isn’t exactly on par with other on-rails shooters on the market.

Visually, The Shoot is fairly average. It has a nice look to it, but hardly pushes the power of the PS3. The framerate is consistently smooth and the load times are average. The voice-acting is a mixed bag and the music fits the atmosphere for each film set, but it isn’t memorable.

The Verdict

The Shoot is a short game that seems more of a showcase of Move’s capabilities than a full fleshed out game. With only a few film sets to play on, you’ll run out of things to do quickly and the only reason to return is to unlock trophies. It’s good fun, but it doesn’t quite have the lasting appeal that it should have.

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