PS3 Review: Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

More than just a wannabe Dynasty Warriors?

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is a game that looks and feels a lot like Dynasty/Samurai Warriors. If it had been released a few years ago then maybe it would have gotten away with a lot more, but since DW games have been done to death at this point, its hard not to say its everything DW just without the title.

The game has the same hack-n-slash mentality where you fight against thousands of soldiers, capturing points on a map to advance so you can kill more and more soldiers. As usual you are completely overpowered and can even run past most of the enemies just to reach the points you need to capture. Its way too easy and the enemy AI is about as clever as the UK public for keeping Wagner in X Factor for another week…

The thing is that I expected this type of game from the likes of KOEI, but from Capcom? It’s truly baffling how they thought it could top Dynasty Warriors when it offers nothing new. On the other hand, it does present fans with a familiar experience that they will enjoy. I personally never saw the appeal of releasing the same type of game year on year, but there you go. These games do sell well and I expect the same to happen to this, even if doesn’t deserve to.

There are no checkpoints, so if you die you have to start each level from the start. This would be fine as the AI is ridiculously dumb, but the boss fights can dish out a lot of damage and are the real challenge of the game. You do have quite a number of campaigns to go through, but the real question is would you be able to? Combat is unsatisfying and dull, making it simply a button-masher with no real skill required. The camera can be problematic at times also, making things difficult during fighting.

The story is full of clichés, bad voice-acting and cheesy moments that will make you feel quite uncomfortable. I was sighing for the most part. The visuals don’t fair much better and look like they belong on the last generation of consoles.

The Verdict

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is a real disappointment. It’s a carbon copy of Dynasty Warriors with its mindless AI, dull combat and repetitive nature. If you do like mindless button-mashing then stick to DW and give this a miss.