PS3 Review: Move Mind Benders

An odd combo of PSN games gets the Move treatment…

Move Mind Benders (Perhaps the worst name for a game I’ve heard this year) is a collection of 3 Playstation Network games that have added Move support. So, what do you get in this combo?

The first game is Lemmings. The Move controller acts as a pointer for you to select items and the Lemmings to give the items to, it’s a good game and the Move support makes things a lot easier than with the traditional cursor controls for past Lemmings games. It would have been good to have a visual upgrade, but it’s not the end of the world.

The second game is Echochrome ii, which makes you use the Move controller to drag dark and light areas as your character moves to the exit in a combination of puzzles. It’s difficult and hard to get used to, but a worthy addition nonetheless. The last game is Tumble, which is a combination of Jenga and Boom Blox on Wii, but the Move controls work the most effectively in this one as you try and plant blocks on top of each other in a 3D space. There are other varieties of modes like planting explosives on towers to blow blocks as far away as possible or just trying to fit a bunch of complicated objects on a surface.

Out of the 3 games, Tumble is definitely the best and makes the best use of the Move controller. But as a collection, it’s pretty odd and I can’t help wondering why they didn’t add in any version of Worms, since Lemmings was already added. Worms would have made a perfect addition, or maybe even a RTS game would have been nice. In terms of visuals, Tumble is the only good looking game, while Lemmings is looking dated and Echochrome ii looks bland with its black and white style.

There is good replay value to be found in these games, but one problem is switching between them. I don’t understand why there isn’t an escape button to go back to the list of games, instead the only way is to exit the game using the PS button in the middle of the controller and going to Exit, then restarting the game from the main menu of the PS3, it’s pretty pathetic that this is the case.

The Verdict

Problems switching games aside, these are 3 decent games in their own right and the Move support adds more accuracy and enjoyment to the experience of each. Tumble is the real star of the collection, while the others are good but I don’t know why they’ve been put together like this, it just seems odd.