PS3 Review: MotoGP 10/11

Can this year’s MotoGP outperform its predecessors?

The last time I played a MotoGP game was back in 2008, so it’s been quite a while and it too was for PS3. Since then, I’ve played many racing games that include bikes. So in my absence away from the series, have things improved or is it business as usual?

Well, the gameplay remains more or less the same but in terms of control; it does feel more refined and responsive. The tracks are faithful to their designs and the bikes are well detailed, but in terms of things to do…it’s the same old thing we’ve been playing for years. Not that that’s a bad thing, but the gameplay is beginning to feel dated compared to other racers on the market and that’s not exactly a good thing.

The game comes with the usual modes including Championship, Time Trial, Challenge, Career and Online, but these have all been done before. The only real difference s that online now supports up-to an impressive 20 players. If there’s one major problem that I feel needs mentioning are the visuals as they are pretty average for a PS3 game. The bikes themselves are nicely detailed, but the tracks and backgrounds have some ugly textures, not to mention the crowds watching look truly awful.

The career mode does allow split-screen co-op for you and another player, but I am curious why it’s only local multiplayer that supports this. Surely an online co-op experience would have changed things? Or perhaps they are holding that feature back till the next MotoGP game on purpose? Who knows…but it is nice feature nonetheless. Having a quick gander at the trophy list, there are quite a few for the career mode…but most can’t be unlocked through co-op, which is very odd.

Handling the bikes have become easier thanks to more precision, but also the assists and the game can be quite forgiving, letting you rewind to before you crash. This isn’t a new unique racing feature, but it is helpful for those who find the controls difficult to master thanks to the extra precision. The rest of the trophies tend to focus on winning every last race, gaining upto a certain level and amassing certain amount of cash to spend on staff.

The Verdict

I’ve kept this review short because the game looks and feels just like MotoGP 08, which is a real shame. Why the game hasn’t evolve since then is a mystery…oh sure, it has been handling and more realistic models, but the rest of the game is weak visually and the modes are essentially the same. It’s a good game if you haven’t played any of the others, but if you have…I’d suggest waiting for next year’s version that will hopefully add something more memorable to the mix.