PS3 Review: Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Diamond in the rough?

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen is a re-release of last year’s Dragon Dogma with a whole new area to explore called Bitterblack Isle which is really only recommended to those who are at least Level 50. I personally think that you’ll need to be at least Level 60 if you want to complete the Isle, and it’s no small feat even then. The difficulty spike is huge and will challenge even the greatest players.
If you haven’t played the original game, then you can experience it here and grind your way up to facing the new area. Those who played the original can import their characters but will still need to grind if they want to beat this incredibly tough area. For those not in the know, Dragon’s Dogma is a mixture of all sorts…part dungeon crawler, part RPG with a dash of Dark Souls mixed in. It’s a game that’s rough around the edges, it looks bland but it’s one that’s worth sticking with just for the combat.

The AI still has issues following your directions, as well as loving to get hit by gigantic weapons/monsters. It’s a shame that they do suffer from this, as they can be quite helpful at times and will save your skin on many occasions, they just like being cannon fodder as well. Dark Arisen is also released at a reduced price, which is good for both newcomers and veterans who want to visit Bitterblack Isle.
The story is decent and memorable on the whole, though the cutscenes are rough to watch and the voice-acting feels budget. The framerate is consistent throughout but could be smoother; it’s a very average and dreary looking game but oddly one that doesn’t rely on its looks to still be an enjoyable experience.

The Verdict

While not the best looking game out there, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a highly addictive game and it’s re-release is great for everyone who missed out and those who have a strong character already. Is it a diamond in the rough? Most certainly…