PS3 Review: Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz

Can Move support add a new dimension to this quiz?

Buzz has been a Playstation institution for some time now, although I’ve never really liked him. The quizzes themselves are fine and enjoyable, but I can’t stand Buzz himself…he’s so camp and cheesy, even more so than a combination of Graham Norton and John Barrowman. Personal feelings aside, how can Move improve the quiz?

You can still play by using the buzzers, but those who have Move have a whole separate mode to play in. As you would surmise from the name, Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz tests your trivia on the music industry through a number of rounds. Move lets you place your face on your own character, but also has rounds where you’ll use it to hit the right/wrong answers as well as shoot spaceships whizzing by the screen.

Move doesn’t exactly add a whole lot to the experience, but it’s a welcome addition to those fed up of using the buzzers (I know I am, as I have wired ones!) The questions obviously vary in difficulty depending on how much you know about certain genres of music, ranging from hip hop to pop. You can still play with friends or against rivals online, but its starting to lose its edge at this point. You’ll come across only a few snippets of actual music being used for some questions, while the rest are merely text and picture questions.

The interface of Buzz remains identical, even with Move support. It feels more like an expansion pack of the quiz than a full on game, so perhaps it would have benefited more from being DLC than a full priced game. Having said that, it’s pretty reasonable to buy…although looking online, I found it almost impossible to buy on its own without the buzzers, which is bad luck if you have already bought buzzers in the past. I’m sure you can get it without, but the difference in price is minimal.

The Verdict

Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz isn’t as ultimate as it seems. Move support is nice, but more of a gimmick than a worthy addition to the license and the fun factor of Buzz seems to be wearing thin. It’s not a terrible quiz game, but its hardly memorable either.