Preview: Nail’d (Xbox 360)

Does Pure have some competition?

I recently got hands-on with upcoming racer, Nail’d, which is essentially described as Pure without showing off in the air. I got to try out just two tracks, but they were big in comparison and I found it more enjoyable than Pure.

Having said that, Nail’d did have a few issues and some glitches that were pretty funny. I managed to boost all the way to the top of the mountains and roam around there for a good 30 seconds or so, until the game gave up and respawned me back on the track. There was also an incident with me boosting at a pillar, only for me to climb it vertically. But keep in mind that this is very early code that I got hold of and I only managed to do these glitches with extensive play time and by looking for them.

One of the tracks just has one lap but it’s very long and there are tons of obstacles like a saw mill, ski lift and trees to avoid. The designs of the two tracks are memorable and I can’t wait to try them again, the AI was pretty aggressive and made me fall off my bike many, many times. But I was just as relentless towards them! Nail’d gives you boost as you go through rings of fire set across the courses, they can be on the ground or in the air.

There’s also a pretty good replay system that I played around with for a long time to see the crashes and glitches that I caused with my time on the tracks. I found the game easy to handle and the heavy metal/rock music in the background fits the game well. Visually, it’s looking impressive when it works…vehicles aren’t licensed but look good, the simple effects like terrain and water does look good overall.

On the whole I didn’t see much of Nail’d, but what I did see was fairly decent. Sure it had some bugs that were laughably bad, but I’m sure they will be fixed by the time the game comes out. I did enjoy my time with it and look forward to the end result.