PlayStation VR Review: Battlezone

The best PSVR launch game?

Battlezone puts you in the cockpit of a super-powerful tank as you traverse a battlefield, take out enemy tanks, defence towers and so on. If it was your standard game, it’d still be good but for a VR game, this is something else…
The tank you drive is massive and you have a real sense of scale when in VR, it’s immense to see you moving the turrets of your tank and the actual cockpit perspective. It’s also intense as you can play with other people online as you work together to complete missions, although it’s far from easy. The AI can be ruthless and while you can revive your teammates, if you happen to lose a life you take it from your team’s collection of lives. If it hits zero, you can’t respawn…so you need to be really careful.

Controlling the tank is easy with the DualShock controller and using the headset to move your perspective. It’s surreal and it will surprise you, I honestly didn’t think this would be my kind of game as I’ve always struggled with tank-based games…but Battlezone changes all that and makes it accessible to everyone thanks to VR and intuitive controls.
Visually, it’s a strong launch game too. The futuristic-almost Tron look to it is really neat one and works really well. The framerate never seemed to drop either and the sound effects are pretty realistic as well.

The Verdict

Battlezone is one hell of a launch title for PSVR. It impresses on pretty much every level, especially with it’s co-op mode that is great fun, but incredibly challenging. It’s set a good precedent that any other tank VR games will have to at least try and meet this standard if they have any shot in competing against it. Roll out the tanks!

Score: 8.5