PC Review: Puzzle Agent 2

Agent Tethers is back to solve the Scoggins case…

When I played all the way through the first Puzzle Agent, I was annoyed at the ending and that was because it was unclear if another game would come out. There were so many loose ends like what happened to Isaac Davner, what’s the deal with the gnomes called the Hidden People and why was Tethers taken off the case when it finally looked like he was getting somewhere? Well, thankfully all these questions are addressed in this second game, but does it provide enough reason to return to Scoggins?

The game features some of the same locations as the first game, although the residents aren’t as happy to see Tethers back in town as before. I won’t spoil the story for you, but the answers are well worth the return to Scoggins. The puzzles aren’t as difficult as the original, but they are some pretty tricky ones in there that will take a while to figure out, even if you use the maximum of 3 clues, providing you have enough gum in your inventory. It’s good to see the Scoggins case brought to a decent conclusion, but I wonder if that truly is the end of the story. Some might be a little confused with certain aspects and it’s absolutely essential that you play the first episode or you’ll have no idea what is going on.

The puzzles are nice and varied, although some do crop up again like light puzzles or rotating objects to get a set number of items in position, but like I said they are a lot easier than the rather tricky puzzles of the original. I would have liked them to be even tougher since this is the second chapter of the series, but I guess other players simply found it too difficult at times. In terms of visuals, Puzzle Agent 2 looks identical to its predecessor. It has a nice comic-esque look to it that fits within the story that they are trying to tell, but it is a little on the basic side when compared with today’s modern games. Voice-acting is mixed and the music is quite eerie at times.

The Verdict

Puzzle Agent 2 is a decent follow-up to the original and finally brings closure to the Scoggins case. Is this the end of the series? Will we ever see a Puzzle Agent 3? Just like with the first game, there’s no sign as to where it will go next…but I hope that Agent Tethers makes a return soon.