PC Review: Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom

Can Hector finally stop the terrorist in this final episode?

*Spoiler Alert* When we last left Hector, we discovered the identity of the terrorist responsible for shooting the heads of 20+ cops, blowing up the building where he faked a hostage situation and sent Hector on a wild goose chase. It’s none other than the leader of the Clappers’ Wreake Preservation Society who you gave £25k to improve the tourism in the town, what a sneak! But just as we discover this, Hector and Lambert are knocked out and the episode ended.

Episode 3 picks up immediately after and you wake up in a darkened room that slowly begins filling up with for the lack of a better word, crap. The only way to stop it is for Hector to get on the treadmill! Well, until he shoves a Piñata into the pipe to block it. Once the duo escape, they need to get back to town…but it’s 70+ miles away and the only way to get there is on a broken tractor that is missing parts. Shortly after, Hector discovers the madman plans to turn the residents of Clappers’ Wreake into strong and crazy animals with a gas called Arsenol (No, not Arsenal!)

It turns out that the terrorist has put on a town faire with the money that Hector gave him in Episode 1, where he plans to attack. So the object is simple, get to the stage and warn everyone…but it isn’t as simple as that and the madman has Hector’s card marked. The faire is pretty big and has a lot for you to do. Don’t bother expecting back-up since all the cops are drunk in the beer tent! You finally confront the terrorist in the Bell Tower which you also had repaired in Episode 1 and he oddly plans to strike the bell with…a vibrator, which hilariously becomes very helpful in the final part of the episode.

There are some truly priceless moments in the episode like Lambert performing a cavity search on a cow to get some spark plugs, getting asked by a leprechaun if he would like to touch his nuts and Hector making a drunk fall of the wagon. It’s the strongest episode by far and I hope that we get a second series at some point.

The puzzles are pretty tricky this time around, but as with the previous episodes you can find the solution in the help menu at anytime and you may have to, especially when you would never imagine dong some of the things that happen in this finale. The voice-acting is superb and priceless as always, while the art style although simple has a nice charm to it.

The Verdict

Hector ends on a high note in Episode 3. The series has been crazy with a capital C and really pushed the envelope in terms of dirty comedy. I hope this isn’t the end of Hector’s adventures and this is a great way to end the series.