PC Review: Hector: Badge of Carnage: Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice

Hector gets closer to catching his nemesis in Episode 2…

“Episode 1: We Negotiate With Terrorists” ended abruptly as Hector entered the apartment to find only a sniper rifle hooked up to a laptop and then a gunshot, we assumed that Hector had been killed but actually he’s just trapped inside the building in “Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice” as the rifle holds him hostage. After a quick puzzle involving using a pizza box, Hector can finally move into the next room…only to find a large amount of explosives with a timer counting down to just a few seconds before it explodes, and explodes it does. So is Hector now dead?

Of course not, he just fell down to the bottom of the apartment and has to find a way out. The gameplay changes at this point as for the first time you can switch between Hector and his assistant Lambert who is thick as a plank. The idea is for Lambert to gather objects to pass to Hector to help in his escape from the building, which takes a while. After this is done and you’ve blown up the toilet with a combination of its contents, hairspray, a petrol-soaked rope and a light, you are free to find the crazy terrorist who killed all those coppers.

The evidence remaining is the corrupted hard drive of the laptop, the rifle and some suspicious looking goo on the floor of the apartment. These take Hector to a number of locations including a fancy restaurant, a butchers, the post office, a strip club, a nail and gun store (seriously!) and the police station. There are some truly hilarious moments that I won’t spoil for you, as finding out the solution is as fun as the final outcome.

The puzzles are pretty easy, but some can be tricky as objects can be obscured or tiny to see on the screen. Also, the game doesn’t fully cover the screen in any resolution, it’s like it’s in letterbox instead of widescreen, which is a small shame. For those who get stuck, you can find the answers in the hints menu, but this time around it’ll always take you to the police station to give advice from Lambert before deciding to enter the proper hints page for the solution, which is a pain.

The Verdict

Episode 2 ends at just the right time and we finally discover the identity of the terrorist, but I never would have guessed it. It sets the stage for a stunning and hilarious conclusion to the saga and I can’t wait to play it.