PC Review: Concursion

Is this a case of too much for one game?

Concursion is a truly unique game, blending different genres of games within the same levels that you play is an interesting concept and one that works well for the most part. You can be playing a Mario-style platformer, then for a brief second become a spaceship then enter a Pac-man like arena to a Ninja Gaiden/Shinobi style area all within one stage. Its madness and it can be brutally tough at times, even on the normal difficulty.
Having said that, it is incredibly fun and crazy at the same time. You’ll see glimpses of old games blended together which go well together, although I would definitely recommend playing with a controller…I just didn’t get the precision I needed for jumps with a keyboard setup. It can be a little clunky at times and you’ll be screaming at the monitor, but for the most part it does delivers on it’s ideas.
Each stage has 4 shards to collect and there are checkpoints to make things easier, having said that…gathering all the shards is no small feat, even with checkpoints. The story is ripped from Mario as the princess is captured by a dragon/lizard type of enemy, but does enough to get you going through the game’s many stages. Visually, Concursion is on the simplistic side…yet, runs at a smooth framerate and it has the retro look to it to match the arcade style of the old games it represents. It’s a style that works well and the music is incredibly retro too.

The Verdict

Concursion is a game that will drive you nuts, but make you laugh in nostalgia at the same time. It combines the best moments of retro gaming and some of the most frustrating ones too, it’s certainly a unique concept and one that deserves a look.