PC Review: Back to the Future Episode 5: Outtatime

Can Marty save Doc from Edna?

During the last episode, Doc seemed to want to turn against his best friend Marty so he could be with Edna. The final episode picks up a little afterwards where Marty wakes up in Emmett’s basement just a while before the science expo begins. Doc and Edna want the experiment not to happen so that Emmett will go crawling back to Edna, so its upto Marty to make sure it all goes to plan.

As with past episodes, there’s always something in the way to hinder your progress. Edna convinces Officer Parker to block off Emmett’s experiment as her opinion is important to the force as a journalist, while Emmett appears to have gone missing with the help of Doc. A number of things finally come to light such as who burned down the speakeasy’s and just when things look fixed, Edna takes off with the DeLorean to render Hill Valley a wasteland. How did it happen? Well, I won’t spoil it for you…but it’s a pretty dark story.

This episode finally shows two new characters, Emmett’s father who opposes his son’s scientific ambitions and Willie McFly (voiced by none other than Michael J Fox himself) who is Artie’s father. Another mystery also finally gets solved regarding the McFly family history that was a bit confusing, but the revelation is pretty simple. The puzzles are pretty easy in this final episode and the hint system makes things even easier for those who get stuck,

So far this season has had one great episode after the other and Outtatime doesn’t disappoint. It’s definitely the strongest episode of the season and leaves me wanting more from Marty and Doc, and if the ending is anything to go by…it’s looking likely that they’ll be back for a second season (fingers crossed). Visually, it looks as it has done although there are some impressive effects during certain sections that if I mentioned, would spoil what happens. The voice-acting is once again superb and it’s great to reunite Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox on this episode, I just hope he can contribute towards future episodes as his performance as Willie was brilliant.

The Verdict

Outtatime finishes off this story arc of Back to the Future perfectly, but also leaves things open for even more episodes that I hope we will get. Marty and Doc’s friendship is what drives the story and it’s been interesting to see it take many twists and turns through the season. I can’t wait to see where they go with it if it does return. Hopefully they’ll set it in future Hill Valley…