PC Review: Back to the Future Episode 4: Double Visions

So it gets a little confusing from here…

Just when it seemed that we had Doc back to normal and ready to correct the past in last month’s episode, he and Marty were ambushed by Edna. Double Visions takes place shortly after with Marty inside a cell and Doc prepped for the Citizen Plus program. Escaping is pretty easy, but it’s after that where the story gets rather complicated as the DeLorean is on the blink and the duo end up a few months later than they had hoped as the young Emmett Brown is madly in love with Edna, so how to fix the timeline? Break them up of course.

But that proves to be difficult as Emmett is the model citizen which appeals to all of Edna’s preferences. Towards the end of the episode, the story takes a rather dramatic turn that will test the friendship of Marty and Doc. As with Citizen Brown, Double Visions ends just as it seems going and leaves you with a “To Be Concluded” screen before seeing a VERY short preview of the season finale.

I did actually get stuck during some of the puzzles, even with the hint system and even had to resort to finding out what to do next online, something I’ve not had to do all season. So it looks like the game is finally becoming more difficult, which is a good thing as the hint system pretty much tells you the solution most of the time. You’ll only come across a few locations through the episode and the only new one is the outside of Hill Valley High School as it’s hosting a science convention where Emmett seeks to test out his invention which tests the mind to show if you are a model citizen or a degenerate criminal.

I was really impressed with this episode as we finally begin to see some conflict between Marty and Doc, both young and old. I thought they’d play it safe and resolve everything but one problem for the season finale, but there’s quite a few that Marty will have to deal with and the worst part is that it’ll be a whole month before we can hopefully restore the timeline to what its meant to be. Visually, the game looks the same as it ever did. Voice-acting is once again superb with a fantastic script that will put a smile on any BTTF fan, as will the music that is what we’ve come to expect of the series.

The Verdict

Double Visions is the best episode so far and sets things up for a dramatic and unpredictable finale, I for one cannot wait!