PC Review: Back to the Future Episode 2: Get Tannen

Marty is vanishing from time, AGAIN…

At the end of the previous episode, Marty started to vanish from time. Get Tannen continues immediately after and upon taking his father’s photo out of his pocket, Marty sees that the picture is fading away. A closer look at the newspaper shows that Marty’s grandfather was killed after been handed a subpoena to testify against Kid Tannen, the ruthless mobster. Of course, the goal becomes clear…go back in time and save Arthur McFly from dying, but also to avoid crossing paths with the previous version of you in the timeline.

Solving that problem turns out to be the easy part, but it comes at a price. Because of your meddling, Kid Tannen never gets arrested and the Tannen family becomes a powerful mob family that rules over the town. It turns out that a key witness didn’t come forward to give evidence to put Kid away and so it’s back to the DeLorean to fix this problem. You’ll come across other problems like Einstein getting trapped on the roof of the courthouse, but most of these puzzles are fairly easy.

If for some reason you get stuck, the in-game hints will really help you out. I personally found the episode easier than the first and breezed through it in about 2 hours, give or take. There are some great moments to be found in the episode and it still has the classic Back to the Future mark on it. I would have liked some tougher puzzles, but in terms of story…Get Tannen raises the stakes and leaves you on a great cliff-hanger for Citizen Brown.

The game looks the same as it did in the past episode, although some new areas do open up like El Kid’s speakeasy. Voice-acting is great thanks to Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown and the actor who takes up the role of Marty McFly. The music is authentic to the films and it’ll bring a smile to any fan’s face, as it did with mine.

The Verdict

Get Tannen is on the short side, but it is an enjoyable episode nonetheless. It has some classic Back to the Future moments while adding new material to the plot and I can’t wait to see where the story goes in the next episode, which poses the question…what would happen if Doc found love as a young inventor?