PC Preview: Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle

Shiver me timbers…

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is a point-and-click adventure game in which you play as the female pirate of the same name as she begins her quest. I played 2 levels of the game which is due out early next year, but they were set in different areas. The first begins when Morgane is a kid doing chores for her mother, before saving her friends from a bully and going to see her father who has returned from a voyage.

First impressions are important when it comes to games and I have to admit, I did like what I saw. It has the classic collect-and-combine type of gameplay that is familiar with these types of games, some puzzles are quite tough and objects are hard to see…but a quick tap of the space bar and the interactive objects are lit up for you.

The second level takes place several years after and Morgane is on a ship with her father who is looking for a new crew and work. I had no idea what happened between there and then as there’s no explanation, but on the official website it explains it all but I won’t spoil it for those of you who don’t want to know. Quests are handed out on the island such as looking for food and stealing a map from the town hall. I got a pretty good idea of what to expect and I hope the rest of the game is as entertaining as it has been through these first two levels.

Being preview code, there were irregularities like no save feature and very low audio when it came to voice-acting, as well as some pretty odd animations for walking and using items, but some cutscenes were beautifully animated. There was a mini-game sword fight early on which I didn’t like, the controls were unresponsive and it looked poor compared to the rest of the demo. It was odd to see a Cheat option which would skip the fight, but I wonder if this will be in the final code or not.

Overall, I like what I’m seeing with Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle…even though it was only two levels, it’s left a good impression and I look forward to travelling across the seas on her quest when the game comes out in early 2012…