Nintendo UK Slate DSi For Spring 09

Nintendo’s newly unveiled DSi has been slated for a Spring 2009 release in Europe and the UK.

A Nintendo UK spokesperson has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Nintendo DSi, hot off the press of the Japanese media summit, will be released in Spring 2009 in Europe and the UK.

“We are aiming to launch DSi in Europe in Spring 2009. As it’s too early to confirm specifics on the European or UK launch, we will not be offering further comment at this time.”

Nintendo’s swish new gizmo allows users to snap photographs with a in-built digital camera, download DSiWare games on to an SD card, music playback and many other tasty extras. The DSi is due out in Japan this year, but the Lite will be able to enjoy one last shining moment at Christmas in Europe and the US before his sexier younger brother replaces him next year.

Source: Eurogamer