Nintendo Switch Review: Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Can this GBA gem find new life on the Switch?

Originally released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance in 2003, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a complete remake that will let series fans revisit the charming world of Mineral Town, while also introducing it to a new generation of farmers. In this peaceful setting, players will grow crops, take care of animals, and build relationships with villagers.

I didn’t actually play the original Friends of Mineral Town, but I have played other games in the series, as well as similar games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon (which I know ended up becoming Story of Seasons) and Stardew Valley. The game handles like your typical farm sim but compared to the original, it has had an amazing facelift and is surprisingly deep for what was a GBA game from over 17 years ago. You can build relationships as well as doing the usual exploring and farming aspects, which is something that has become a staple of these type of games since.

It isn’t just a visual overhaul either, this version has new characters and animals and quality of life improvements. Like I said, I didn’t play the original so it’s difficult to compare them to that version, but I didn’t see any real issues with the characters or gameplay. I didn’t notice any framerate drops and the soundtrack is also impressive.

The Verdict

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a game you could easily sink dozens of hours into, but should you? Definitely. It’s the Switch’s debut for the series and it makes for a good introduction to newcomers with tons to do from farming, forging friendships and attending events. It’s a must for fans of the series and genre.

Score: 8.5