Nintendo Switch Review: Pokken Tournament DX

Is this really the Deluxe version?

Pokken Tournament for the Wii U may not have set the fighting genre on fire (unless you were playing as Charizard) but it was still a great fighter, combining the characters of Pokemon with the classic fighting from Tekken. Now, the Switch has its own version, but can it improve upon the original game and is it worth picking up if you already own it on Wii U?

First of all, the game itself looks and runs a lot better on Switch. Plus, you know it has the obvious benefit of being able to be played on-the-go, which is always good and naturally, the Switch’s biggest selling point. The content of the game remains and adds 4 fighters from the arcade version that never appeared on the Wii U version. These include Darkrai, Scizor, Croagunk and Empoleon as well as a new Pokemon from Sun/Moon who you might recognise…it’s Dedicueye.

Just with that one extra addition, Pokken Tournament DX is the ultimate version as it contains all the content from both past versions, as well as new modes such as 3V3 matches and a replay mode that lets you watch back old matches, while also showing you button inputs that help you analyse your matches. Finally, there’s also Daily Challenges that unlock rewards for your Pokemon.

I loved the original game and this extra content…even though it’s minimal, is still great value for money. Much like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe before it, Pokken Tournament DX takes what made the original game great and adds a few extras to sweeten the deal. There’s even a free demo on the Switch’s eShop so you can try before you commit, so there’s no reason not to give it a go.

The Verdict

The new content alone may not be enough to win you over if you own the original, but it’s a much better game in terms of performance and visuals too. It’s the ultimate version and whether you played the original or not, the demo is at least worth trying before you decide. I would highly recommend it to both Tekken and Pokemon fans who missed out on the Wii U version and for veterans…I’d say download the demo and if you like what you see…pick it up.

Score: 8.5