Nintendo Switch Review: Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Can you eat your way to victory?

Snack your way to victory in a jam-packed race to claim a mountain of strawberries in Kirby’s Dream Buffet for Nintendo Switch. Roll down delicious courses against another player locally or versus a whole gang of colourful, hungry Kirbys online. Snack on strawberries to increase your size. The bigger you are, the faster you’ll roll downhill. The most well-rounded (and heaviest) Kirby wins the race! Want to turn the tables on your opponents? Grab Food Boxes to unlock delicious Copy Food abilities.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a party game where you have to eat as much sweet snacks as possible to increase in size through either solo events or a Grand Prix of them. Either way, the biggest Kirby at the end is declared the winner. These games vary from races where extra food awaits at the end for the top 3 players or a free-for-all fight where hits deduct points that can really mix up the positions of who is leading going into the event if they are playing the Grand Prix mode.

Events in either Grand Prix or Solo are randomised and there are a good number of variants with them and the courses you play on. Online play is probably the most fun since the AI isn’t quite as competitive as actual people and trying to get victory this way reminds me a lot of Fall Guys. The events are mostly good with just a few that don’t quite hit the mark, but the quality is great overall. The game is also incredibly cheap at £13.49, making it quite tempting to pick up.

The visuals are typical of the Kirby games with vibrant colours and a lot of sweet things to snack on. The courses are nicely designed, and the framerate is solid throughout. The load times are also short, making switching between events pretty smooth. The soundtrack is classic Kirby with cute themes throughout.

The Verdict

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a nice party game that is fun to play either with friends on the couch or online. For a budget price title, there’s quite a lot of content here and it’s pretty addictive to boot.

Score: 8.0