Nintendo Switch Review: Green Game: Timeswapper

Does this bird soar too close to the sun?

Mechanical bird continues its journey full of dangers. After gaining knowledge about red, steampunk world, the bird is intercepted and modified by the chief scientist of the mechanical green world. The hero gains power over time, which will enable him to overcome new deadly obstacles.

Green Game: Timeswapper has previously been released on Android/iOS/PC and even Vita so the touch-screen usage on Switch is an obvious fit. It’s a shame that it’s forced though and the game can only be played in handheld mode. The name Timeswapper is also misleading as you don’t actually meddle with time, but instead you flick a switch which changes a light that moves the bird in a direction towards the goal. Essentially you keep flicking the switch to change it’s path and collect gears along the way.

The problem is that this is the only aspect of the entire game. Literally all you do is flick this switch and while it requires some thought to work out the best way to get the bird to the goal across dozens of levels, it becomes dull and repetitive incredibly quickly. It’s a shame that there’s not more depth to the gameplay and that the so-called Timeswapper mechanic almost feels like false advertising. I do however, like the steampunk look of the game.

The Verdict

Green Game: Timesweeper is a nice idea on paper, but it just doesn’t translate to that fun of a game. It’s lack of depth and repetitive nature, plus forcing you to play in handheld mode adds upto a frustrating experience.

Score: 5.0