Nintendo Switch Review: Game Devil Switch Trident PRO-S Controller

Does the official Pro controller have competition?

Over the holidays, we’ve been busy testing out the Trident PRO-S Controller for the Nintendo Switch. Below are a list of what features to expect from the lower budget controller…

– Works with Switch game console
– Changeable D-Pad. Choose between 3 Different designs for better playing experience
– Bluetooth wireless reaches up to 8 meters
– Dual feedback for a great immersive experience
– Turbo function. Perfect for arcade and action games
– Dual analog sticks and extended triggers for precise movement
– Easy connection for instant gaming
– Great design, feeling, high-end casing and buttons

Which all sounds good, the controller is comfortable to use and will be familiar to those who have used PlayStation controllers in the past. There are some issues however, such as the lack of gyro controls and Amiibo scanning. The latter isn’t a huge issue as it doesn’t really make what you are playing unplayable, while the former can be said for the lack of the gyro. Games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Gyro specific shrines will have to be played with either the Joy-cons or official Pro controller. It also lacks HD Rumble, which is another sting in the tail.

Splatoon 2 does have gyro, but it can be disabled. Still, some players do find it easier to aim with the option and the PRO-S has taken that away. Still, it will be fine for those games that don’t rely on the method, especially the arcade style games like Street Fighter II. The changeable D-Pads are a nice option and the overall controller is much cheaper than the official Pro controller. Setting it up for the Switch is simple too, which is also a plus. It also lacks HD Rumble, which is another sting in the tail.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, it all comes down to circumstance if the Trident PRO-S controller is right for you. If budget is an issue for example and won’t be planning on playing any games that have forced gyro controls or if you don’t have any plan on using Amiibos. It’s a sturdy, comfortable and functional controller that is missing some features to keep the price low, which is ultimately it’s big selling point. Either way, it’ll more than suffice for Player 2.

Score: 8.0