Nintendo Switch Review: Everybody 1-2 Switch

Is this a party you really want to attend?

Wanna party? Break out the Nintendo Switch system and laugh it up at your next game night! Mix up your next get-together with the Everybody 1-2-Switch! game. Grab some Joy-Con controllers or smart devices for team-based games that are easy to set up and feature everything from balloons to aliens, and more! People at your next party can get moving and show off their teamwork in this multiplayer mashup.

The original 1-2 Switch game had some decent minigames that really showed off what the Joy-Cons could do with it’s HD Rumble and then it had cringeworthy ones like milking a cow…but it still made me laugh and I honestly didn’t expect a sequel, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about Everybody 1-2 Switch. Can it deliver more than it’s predecessor or is this one party you’ll be avoiding?

The game is bizarre on all levels. Your host is a man wearing a horse’s head in a bright purple suit and that’s not even the strangest thing. The minigames are a mixture of fast reactions, fast thinking or fast motions. These can vary from quizzes, relay races, hip bouncing back-to-back with your opponent or something simple like pumping up a balloon to a height before it pops.

There really is something for everyone and some of them are quite the workout! Even basic ones like moving your Joy-Cons in sync with aliens can be physically exerting on the shoulders, but then again I’m not exactly Mr Fitness over here…If I had a major gripe with the game, it’s that it doesn’t include the minigames from the first game. It would have gone a long way to have them all combined into one package, but it is still a budget game in the first place so I can’t be too mad about it.

The minigames will make you look foolish to those around you, but if you go in with your eyes open that a degree of embarrassment is inevitable, then you’ll end up having a good laugh with everyone. Some of them had me and my partner in stitches because they were so silly and we looked so daft doing these moves. We hadn’t laughed that much in ages and while the replay value is somewhat limited after doing a few rounds, you know when you come back to it after a while that you’ll still find it enjoyable.

The Verdict

Everybody 1-2 Switch is a much better game than the original, with more fun minigames and plenty of excuses to make yourself look dumb in front of friends and family. It’s pretty cheap as well, so if you are looking for a fun time without straining your wallet too much, then this is for you.

Score: 8.0