Nintendo DS Review: The Legend of Kage 2

Kage returns in this rather mediocre sequel

The hit arcade game is back! The thrilling ninja action of The Legend of Kage 2 takes over both Nintendo DS screens, fully utilizing the dual-screen presentation and scrolling to draw players into a dynamic world filled with exhilarating midair combat. With rich, elaborate stages and a compelling story that follows the tale of two protagonists, The Legend of Kage 2 breathes renewed excitement into the classic action adventure experience.

The hit arcade game returns, now on a handheld console for the first time!

The dual-screen functionality of Nintendo DS injects life into the vibrant game world and its elaborate, action-packed stages

Various combinations of Element Orbs allow players to perform an assortment of skills and Ninjutsu techniques

Two stories told through two protagonists, both with unique attack abilities, provide twice the adventure for players

DS games can be great, but a big majority of them are average and even awful. The Legend of Kage 2 sadly falls into the latter category; it’s just so repetitive and mediocre that it’s a game that every DS owner should avoid. It’s weird because this game was made by Square-Enix and I have great respect for them, so how they let a game of this bad quality out the door is a mystery. Essentially it’s a button-bashing hack-n-slash game that has no touch screen features at all, only using the 2 screens for presentation.

It’s also incredibly easy and you can breeze through it in no time. There’s no multiplayer of any kind, not even locally. Once you have done the game, there’s little incentive to go back again…it seems fun at first but it’s all too easy, there’s no challenge to it at all. I’m a fan of Ninja games, so this is a rather big disappointment for me. It would be better if the enemies were just a bit tougher and the game was longer, although it still wouldn’t change the fact that it’s repetitive by nature.

Visually, the game is very weak and could easily pass as a GBA game. The soundtrack is probably the only good thing in the whole package, having said that…it’s instantly forgettable.

The Verdict

The Legend of Kage 2 is incredibly disappointing, repetitive and just not much fun to play. It lacks any challenge, has dull combat and is very, very easy and short. Possibly the worst Ninja-style game I’ve played in some time.