News: Xbox Series X/Series S To Launch November 10th for £449/£249

It’s official, the next-gen war has begun with the price and release date of Microsoft’s latest Xbox.

The US price is also $299 for the Series S model, while $499 for the Series X. Games confirmed for launch so far are Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and DIRT 5.

Microsoft have put their foot forward first finally after a game of chicken that has lasted months. Now can Sony make a compelling counter price tag? I don’t think we’ll have long to wait to find out…

What Games Can We Expect?


It’s worth considering the type of games that we can expect to show up for this new console. There are quite a few that are on the horizon. Halo has been teased for sometime and Forza Horizon 5 is surely not too far away. Thanks to the new Bestheda acquisition, it’s possible that the Xbox Series X will get even more awesome exclusives though this is far from confirmed.

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