News: snakebyte Announces Xbox Series X/S Accessories

Xbox also gets the snakebyte lineup…

snakebyte have announced accessories for Xbox Series X and S as well as the PS5 line-up, here are the details:


The TWIN:CHARGE SX™ double charging cradle comes with two additional 800 mAh batteries and a design that is matched to the Series X. In simple black or white, the TWIN:CHARGE SX™ charges two controllers simultaneously, so that they are always ready for use. The practical LED bar shows whether the controllers are still charging or already have full power. The useful gadget gives the controllers a fixed place and looks chic at the same time. It will retail for £29.99 in either colour.

Through the BATTERY:KIT SX™ for the Xbox Series X / S controllers, available in black or white, gamers are also equipped for longer gaming sessions: The two included batteries can be charged simultaneously with the USB-C Y-cable and thus guarantee full power while gaming. Both 800 mAh batteries guarantee a long gaming time of up to four hours and can be charged with the included USB cable as well as via the snakebyte TWIN:CHARGE SX™. This will cost £19.99.

snakebyte also presents the foldable HEAD:SET X™ with its excellent sound quality thanks to 40mm drivers, removable microphone with pop protection, and elegant design in black with green accents, perfectly matching the console. The headset can be connected by the 3.5mm jack plug simply with the Xbox Series X / S controllers. A separate holder provides for an uncomplicated storage of the stylish headset. The extra comfortable ear pads also provide a comfortable wearing comfort at the price of £17.99.

The 2m long CHARGE&DATA:CABLE SX™ is equipped with a USB 3.2 port for the Xbox Series X / S controllers and is not only for charging, but also for the simultaneous data exchange and transfer of games and DLCs from external HDDs to the internal console SSD with up to 10 Gbps. In addition, Xbox One games can be started directly from the HDD. Optically, the CHARGE&DATA:CABLE SX™ is based on the chic black and green design of the Xbox Series X. Thanks to the mesh sheathing it is particularly robust and long usable. In addition, the cable has black anodized connectors.

The 3m long CHARGE:CABLE SX™ and the 5m long CHARGE:CABLE SX PRO™ for especially large screens and rooms offer simultaneous playing and charging in the chic black and green design of the new Xbox Series X. The 3M will cost £14.99 and the 5m will cost £19.99.

The 2 meter long HDMI 2.1 cable HDMI:CABLE SX PRO™ 4K/8K in black-green mesh design provides highend TVs with 8K transmission at 120 Hz. It enables low latency through ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), improves the frame rate through VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and optimized data transmission through FRL (Fixed Rate Link). The cable is compatible with 1080p / 3D / 4K / 8K UHD devices and has black anodized connectors. Gamers who want to use the full power spectrum of the NextGen console cannot get around this cable, no matter if a 4K or 8K TV is used! For users who don’t care about the 8K compatibility and the features of the HDMI:CABLE SX PRO™ like ALLM, VRR and FRL, there is the HDMI 2.0 cable HDMI:CABLE SX™ 4K in 3m length. It is compatible with 1080p / 3D / 4K UHD devices.

Both cables will cost £19.99.