More Site Fixes…

You may have noticed some minor improvements to the site like the new banner that actually matches the background colour. Also, I have finally got around to adding a re-direct to the old page so visitors there will have 2 seconds before they are whisked away to the new look VGR. The Play-Asia banner has also been changed and was actually designed by the team itself, so thanks guys.

This week’s first review was Sam and Max Season One for Wii and we have a few more for you during the week…here’s a list of what reviews to to expect:

Tomb Raider Underworld for PS3
SPOREā„¢ Creepy & Cute Parts Pack for PC
Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360
Nikopol Secrets of the Immortals for PC

I’ve finally resolved my PC problems if you’ve been keeping an eye on the blog…so with any luck, I should be able to review LOTRO Mines of Moria sometime next week. Hope you guys are enjoying the new changes…let me know in the comments or the forums!