Exclusive Metal Gear Solid V Interview: Donna Burke

Sins of the Father singer/iDroid  voice actress answers VG-R’s pressing questions…


We were lucky enough to get the lovely Donna Burke to answer some questions, who sang classic MGS songs like (Sins of the Father, Heaven’s Divide) and more recently her own versions of “Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday”, “Quiet’s Theme” and “The Best is Yet to Come” to name a few from the Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks Album available on iTunes.


First of all, thank you Donna for agreeing to this Q&A. I’ll fire some questions at you now…


Q) How did you get involved in music?

A) From watching musicals on TV when I was a little girl- I wanted to be in a musical and have everything sound and look beautiful!

Q) Who is your favourite singer right now?

A) Apart from myself?! Taylor Swift


Q) How did you end up working on the Metal Gear Solid series?

A) I was in the right place at the right time


Q) What was it like doing the voice-work of iDroid on Metal Gear Solid V?


A) It was fun- doing a roboticly warm voice.


Q) I saw a couple of YouTube videos of you and Stefanie Joosten (Quiet) joking around, what’s she like? Don’t worry, I’m not after her phone number or anything…although I’m sure plenty are! 😉


A) She should make all of the Netherlands proud. She is easy to be around- not trying to prove anything, she is comfortable with silence- and she likes cats. She laughs and smiles easily and likes to a joke.

Q) You mentioned that you know fellow Aussie, Natasha Farrow and actually booked her for jobs, would you consider a duet of Calling to the Night? I personally would love to see you do a cover.


A) I don’t think she is in the music business anymore


Q) What it’s like living in Japan? Do you miss living in Australia?


A) I miss my family and miss watching Australian comedies. But there are lots of Aussies in Tokyo, Aussie lamb, wine, Vegemite etc and come winter lots of Aussies on the ski fields up here. Japan is so exciting and now I have my own business and mentor up and coming talent from all over the world so it’d be hard to go back now.



Q) If a new Metal Gear ever does happen, would you sign up for more songs? I personally love your work on Sins of the Father and Heaven’s Divide!


A) Of course! Absolutely!


Q)  Zelda and Silent Hill both have had successful concert tours, if a Metal Gear worldwide concert tour would happen…would you sign up for it?


A)Ditto..can’t wait!


Q) Finally, what’s next for you? Do you have a new song/album lined up or are you planning on touring at all?


A) Hope to do more live performances of all of my songs around the world and meet and greet fans and do some comedy on Comic Con panels the world over


Thank you Donna for giving us your time and I hope we can grab another Q&A in the future!