Kinect EU Release Date

Kinect arrives on November 10th…

COLOGNE — August 17, 2010 — Xbox will transform entertainment at home and on-the-go this year with Kinect for Xbox 360 officially launching in the UK on 10th November, opening up a new world of controller-free games and Xbox LIVE entertainment. Xbox LIVE and a blockbuster line-up of games on Windows Phone 7 will also launch this Christmas, with Microsoft announcing a new line up of LIVE enabled titles coming to the PC.

Gamescom 2010 is the European premiere of Kinect for Xbox 360, introducing millions more people to the intuitive freedom of being controller-free. Kinect for Xbox 360 will have its European premiere at Gamescom 2010, where the show will unveil new games and experiences which demonstrate the depth and breadth of the launch line-up. This includes more than 15 exclusive Kinect titles, including never-before-seen levels, new environments, achievements and characters for “Kinect Sports,” “Kinect Adventures,” “Kinectimals” and “Kinect Joyride.” MTV Games and Harmonix will also announce new chart-topping dance tracks for the highly anticipated “Dance Central.”

Speaking before the show, Chris Lewis, Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft Europe said, “We are bringing the Kinect experience to Europe for the first time at Gamescom because this is the biggest show in the region and we’re committed to investing in Europe and the critical role it plays in Xbox’s global success. With Kinect launching on November 10, it’s set to not only transform our business but also change how we use entertainment. With Kinect, YOU become the controller, giving you the choice in how you and your friends navigate entertainment and gaming experiences. We’re already seeing a high level of anticipation in Europe with sales of the Kinect ready Xbox 360 250GB creating an all-time record weekly market share[1].”

“This is a crucial time in expansion for Xbox 360, in terms of new audiences, new markets for Xbox LIVE and multiple platforms. With Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7 we are bringing the quality, consistency and community of the Xbox experience to gamers on the go. With “Age of Empires Online”, “Fable III” and new games still in development , we’re also bringing social, connected gaming experiences to all new audiences on the PC. When you look at what we are bringing to the market this year, with the magic of Kinect, alongside our blockbuster line-up of games, including the biggest game for 2010, “Halo: Reach”, we’re confident that Xbox 360 has something for all the family and will be the gaming and entertainment console of 2010 and beyond.”

More Kinect To Love

New Kinect game experiences which will be unveiled at Gamescom, reveal a never-before-seen depth to controller-free games that will keep the casual or the hardcore gamer entertained for hours. The classic kart racing title “Kinect Joy Ride” features new modes that will keep gameplay fresh and challenging whether playing alone or with friends, whilst “Kinect Adventures” includes thrilling new adventures exploring exotic locations, collecting treasures and earning rewards. There will also be a host of cute new animal friends to help you explore the world of “Kinectimals” and three new events in “Kinect Sports” which are guaranteed to entice the family off the sofa.