GaBoom Relaunched!

The games swapping website has relaunched with new features…

No matter how good something is you can always improve it and that is exactly what Jess Ratcliffe has been doing with GaBoom, the UK’s most sophisticated and advanced peer-to-peer video game swapping website.

Since its launch in July 2010 and appearing on BBC Dragons’ Den in September 2010, GaBoom has attracted over 10,000 users and helped facilitate thousands of video game swaps. By listening to user feedback GaBoom has undergone some changes that will make it quicker and easier for users to swap their unwanted video games.

As well as a new URL ( the swapping process has been simplified with now one swap method – a direct member-to-member swap. Another way the process is being made simpler is the inclusion of Booms, GaBoom’s virtual currency. One swap costs 100 Booms which can be purchased through the Boom Store or you can earn Booms by inviting your friends to use GaBoom and for receiving positive feedback from other users you have swapped with.

The browse and search functionality has been improved making it easier for users to add and remove games from their swap list. Couple that with GaBoom’s unique ‘Match Me’ technology which automatically finds swaps for a user based on their Swap and Wish Lists it truly is even easier to find yourself a new game.

The changes came into effect on Tuesday 1st November 2011.

A full list of the changes can be found below:

  • New URL of
  • A simpler swapping process replacing the three previous swapping methods (Secure Swap, GaBoom Escrow and Forum Exchange) with a direct member-to-member swap.
  • Introduction of GaBoom’s virtual currency, Booms, that can be used to pay for swaps – 100 Booms = 1 Swap.
  • Booms can be purchased from the Booms Store – 100 Booms for £1, 600 Booms for £5 or 1200 Booms for £10.
  • Booms can also be gained through inviting friends to sign up (50 Booms awarded after friend makes first swap) or by gaining positive feedback (25 Booms)
  • Members can now cancel swap requests