Feature: Scarface Event (PS2)

This article first went live just before the release of the PS2 version

Ok so first off I’d like to thank Vivendi for throwing such a great event, it must have cost a fortune and I really appreciate their efforts.

So I arrived outside the Empire just before 5:30 but they were running a little late so they brought out some beautiful babes and gave away t-shirts while taking publicity shots. Yes I did grab a t-shirt or two , you should know by now that I’m definitely not shy!

So I got some nice pics of the event which you can find here.

Not too shabby eh? Well so after taking pics of the babes all day and watching all the London lads drooling over them whilst whipping out their mobile phones to take pics we finally went inside the drinks reception.

As soon as we entered we were handed some drinks and some snacks. Champagne and what tasted like Lime Vodka, I’m not entirely sure what it was so if someone from Vivendi could let me know I’d appreciate it, heh.

As for nibbles, there was plenty…and yes I did eat quite a bit, there were chicken spring rolls, chilli beans, sausages and some other nice bits but most of all these was this sweet bit of choccie going round, very rich indeed but mmmm lovely.

What was great is that the babes who were posing outside were attending to almost our every need 🙂 and then we came to the main event, the film itself.

We entered the theatre and were handed lovely swag bags with another t-shirt, a copy of the game and a poster. They were showing a “Making of the Game” documentary which was nice to watch. Then they showed the 1983 movie Scarface which I havent seen for a few months and on a huge screen you could really appreciate it.

That wraps up the event, I will be reviewing Scarface: The World Is Yours sometime next week so be sure to look out for that and thanks again to Vivendi for inviting me to such a wonderful event!

Update: The drink has been confirmed as “Mohito’s delicious lime, mint and rum cocktails” Wow am I shocked!!!!