E3 Live Text Feed: EA Press Conference

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Well, thats it! I’ll post the official press releases now and what else I can dig up!

Another epic Star Wars: TOR trailer. Great stuff! Cannot wait to get my hands on it…

Everyone gets a spaceship in Old Republic!

Now thats Star Wars…

Bulletstorm is sooo OTT, but it’s awesome

“You scared the dick off me!”

Release date for Bulletstorm: 22nd Feb 2011

Cliffy B and co on stage to show Bulletstorm!

Out come the 3D glasses for the awesome trailer.

Those mechs look like the geckos from MGS 4!

Crysis 2…kick arse!

Nope, guess I was wrong 🙁

So a lecture on free will?

Sims 3 talk. Now…will my prediction of Kinect/Move support come true?

Being English, this is all “head-scratching” time…

Madden NFL talk now…

EA Sports Active 2 supports Kinect

November 16th release date

Game comes with a heart rate monitor? Yup you heard it!

EA Sports Active 2 now…

EA Sports Live Broadcast announced

Peter Moore starts talking about MMA

Bad Company 2 getting a new Vietnam expansion pack -Winter 2010

EA Announces Gun Club. An award system which gives them early access and news.

MOH finally has that COD feel to it, but is it enough? June 21st Beta!

Level is set in Kabul and is focused on CQC, so should be very tough!

24 player demo on-stage, sweeet!

Medal of Honor…time to see if its more than MW2.2

Creepy and awesome as always

Little buggers! They are going to get on my nerves quickly!

Dead Space 2 FTW!

You can play either as a cop or a racer, it’s an intense chase right now!

So now they are showing real gameplay (the trailer was FMV) and its looking ok.

NFS Hot Pursuit announced. Looks like a next-gen version of Most Wanted. Out on Nov 16

Here we go…

Well that would be 10 mins since it’s already 5 past lol

Looks like they are running 5 mins late…

Just got a nice interesting email saying that Crysis 2 will have full stereoscopic HD on 360, PS3 and PC!

Nothing but an EA logo with music playing at the moment