E3 2012: Sony Highlights

Did Sony bring it’s A-Game this year?

Hype is an important factor of any media briefing, especially when it comes to Sony. Rumours began to leak regarding David Cage’s next project “Beyond” a few hours beforehand, but none of us expected what we saw. Ellen Page as the main star with a ghost/spirit for a companion, it looks very different to Heavy Rain, but in a good way.

Throughout the conference we got glimpses of great games like God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, but then a large chunk of time was spent showing off “Wonderbook” an augmented reality experience involving a “Book”, the PS Eye and Move. It looked neat, but I feel too much time was spent on it. Oddly enough, the conference only dragged during this moment…we didn’t get the usual 20 minutes of dry statistics that we usually get and while there was a bit of Vita talk, there wasnt much new announced for the handheld beyond PSOne Classics. No mention of PS4 at all either, but this was expected.

Overall, Sony played it safe in my opinion. Nothing new announced other than Beyond and Wonderbook (sigh) But what do you think?

Media of two of the main games can be found in the links below:

Beyond Screenshots/Trailer

The Last of Us Screenshots/Trailer