E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference

Zelda, Project Cafe and much more to look forward to!

This page will be updated during the conference.

Here we go. The show begins with a Zelda montage first with an orchestra playing the theme tune. All to celebrate 25 years of Zelda, truly epic opening. Here comes Shigsy! Now he’s got the orchestra to play item noises from Zelda games, it’s hilarious. Link’s Awakening heading to 3DS e-Shop later TODAY! And of course, Ocarina 3DS is out next week. September will see the release of Four Swords on DSi for FREE. Skyward Sword is out this holiday season for Wii, it’s finally done! Now they are showing a special Gold Wiimote which has the Triforce logo on it. It’s a must buy for me! Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony concerts announced worldwide as well as 2 music CDs for Ocarina of Time and one based on the concerts.

Weird that we didn’t get to see a new trailer for Skyward Sword….

Satoru Iwata up next. Expects the new console to appeal to hardcore and casual gamers. Iwata is holding off details for the console till later in the conference…the tease! So now he’s playing a Mario Kart 3DS trailer, oh wait its a montage of Starfox, Mario and Kid Icarus. Oh wow, it looks like Luigi’s Mansion is heading to 3DS! Here comes Reggie!!!!!

So now Reggie is showing off trailers for each of the 5 games I mentioned, starting with Mario Kart 3DS. Vehicles can swim underwater and glide through the air, looks like a few old tracks are returning. It’s due out Holiday 2011. Starfox 64 3D up now which has standard controls or tilt control. Multiplayer films your face reactions for everyone to see. Game is due out in US in September, what about UK? Damnit Reggie!! Super Mario 3D now, the raccoon suit is back! Seems to switch between 3D and 2.5D, which looks sweet and the game is out before the end of 2011.

Kid Icarus Uprising being shown now. Nice action packed trailer, also includes competitive multiplayer and it looks like augmented reality cards are coming. It’s true, Luigi’s Mansion 2 is real! Seems to follow the same gameplay as the original, which is no bad thing! Just hope its a lot longer than the first game, which was very short. No release date but apparently will have multiple mansions.

3DS third-party montage video now with games that have already been announced. Game Demos coming to 3DS e-Shop later this year. Classic console titles could be heading to 3DS as well. 3D Classics Excitebike is available in the shop now and is free. Pokedex 3D is also free and available. Here comes the new console…

So the new console is called…….Wii u. The controller has a touch-screen, it has the same buttons as the 3DS, but 2 analog sticks. Ahh you can switch from TV to the on-screen controller, as well as draw on it. Clever, very clever. It seems to be used in addition with Wii software/hardware. It’s definitely different, thats for sure! Looks like a new Zelda is coming for the system that looks truly epic.

Iwata is explaining the system. The screen is 6.2″ and all Wii hardware is compatible with the controller. The controller seems to have everything apart from the kitchen sink thrown in, can’t imagine it being cheap! Smash Bros heading to 3DS AND WII U!!!!!

Tech demo being shown of a bird flying around. Wii u looks pretty powerful, I must admit. Reggie has announced that Lego City Stories is heading to Wii u and 3DS. Seems that the developers are on board, Ken Levine..could we see BioShock Wii u? Darksiders 2 is heading to Wii u at launch! Batman Arkham City, Ghost Recon Online all coming. Whoa!

DiRT, Aliens Colonial Marines, Metro Last Light, Tekken, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge and Assassin’s Creed all heading to Wii u. Impressive line-up! EA seems to be keen on Battlefield 3 heading to Wii u. Possible? It’d be sweet if true. So, EA are truly supportive of the system…good sign. That’s the end of the conference and it’s a damn good day to be a Nintendo fanboy!