E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference

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MW3 live demo begins the show. HAHA Controller just disconnected!
The level is underwater in what looks like a flooded subway. Now, they are avoiding mines that are planted as they head for the submarine to plant an explosive on it. After blowing up the sub, the team surfaced to find the city in ruins and now a gunfight is happening on the top of the sub.

Now they are fighting inside the sub, which reminds me of the first MW. Heh, they just skipped a big section for ” the interest of time”. The team leave the sub after launching multiple missiles and are now in a dingy getting away from the destruction that surrounds them. It’s classic COD as they head into a plane and the mission’s over. Great stuff!

Game add-ons heading to 360 first!

Tomb Raider is next up. Crystal Dynamics are showing off a playable demo and it looks pretty gritty compared to old Tomb Raider games. Lara is shipwrecked and has just come across a tortured man. Lara was just ambushed but managed to get away for now as the cave collapsed on the other side. She can use her survival instincts which will make usable items light up to progress. Now, the whole cave is collapsing as Lara tries to escape, everything is breaking around her. She finally makes it to the surface to find herself on what looks like a hidden island. The game will launch in Fall 2012.

Peter Moore up next. 4 EA Sports games will support Kinect. FIFA, Tiger Woods, Madden and one that they will talk about “later”. Sims and Hasbro games will also support Kinect. Ohhh, its MASS EFFECT 3 TIME! SWEEEEET!

Mass Effect 3 WILL support Kinect, yay! The demo begins with Shepard meeting with Morden, the player speaks the choice in dialogue and the game selects it. You can also issue orders for your squad to move in position, attack with certain abilities and so on. It’s pretty impressive, I must admit. Just as the demo gets going, it ends! The teases!! Well, we’re bound to see more in the week. Now, Ghost Recon is up.

Future Soldier is looking sweet and will also support Kinect, seems the developers are really getting involved with the hardware. Now he’s using Kinect to pull guns apart into pieces, also uses voice recognition to choose options. Now what I never thought I’d see, using Kinect to shoot and it’s actually decent. All future Tom Clancy games will fully support Kinect, whoa.

Marc Whitten is on stage now to talk about Xbox Live. Basically showing off the Kinect voice recon and a new interface, it looks slick. YouTube is coming to Xbox Live and Bing is also coming. It’s combining all forms of entertainment and is pretty impressive. Live TV is also coming to Xbox worldwide. It’s coming this fall. UFC is now up. With Kinect you can guess results of fights as they happen.

Gears of War 3 now, another great trailer plays in the background as Cliffy B heads to the stage. Ice T joins Cliffy on stage to play co-op. They are fighting a huge leviathan that is spewing out all tons of nasty. Short demo, but looks sweet.

Crytek now showing off what looks like a game set in Rome. It’s a hack-n-slash fighter that uses Kinect called Ryse. Sweet. Now, as expected…Halo CE Anniversary is being shown off. It has co-op over Live and classic multiplayer maps. Out November 15th!

Forza 4 being shown now which obviously uses Kinect. Looks incredible. AND IT FINALLY HAS THE TOP GEAR TEST TRACK!!!! Fable: The Journey now which also uses Kinect. It’s first person and you can finally use magic spells using your hands, its due out in 2012.

Minecraft is finally coming to Xbox and will support Kinect, this Winter and exclusively on Xbox. Disneyland Adventures also supports Kinect as you visit an interactive version of the world famous theme park. 2 kids are playing a Peter Pan flying game that looks good fun for the younger gamers and its another exclusive.

Ahh…Star Wars Kinect now. I like the look of it, but no idea just how good its going to feel to play.

Tim Schafer heads on stage now to show off a Sesame Street game for Kinect called Once Upon A Monster.

Kudo now to talk more about Kinect. Kinect Fun Labs announced and will be available to all Live members and now Kinect can scan you to make a full avatar. Finger-tracking is also coming to Kinect, you can draw in 3D. Now, item tracking is coming so you can scan an object and put it in a game. Whoa, its going live today!

Kinect Sports Season 2 looks pretty good. 6 new sports including Skiing and Tennis, plus now it has voice recognition. The demo is showing off golf which looks pretty good, now they are showing off American Football (not for me, but looks decent). The game is coming this holiday and as expected, Dance Central 2 is being shown.

Dance Central 2 will allow you to bring all songs from the first game over and finally multiplayer. If I could dance, I would enjoy this!

Halo 4 time methinks. Master Chief is back w00t! Due out holiday 2012. Teaser trailer only and that looks like the end of the conference.

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  1. Microsoft was clearly focused on the Kinect hardware at E3 2011.Though many cried it was like a kinect conference more than Microsoft at Los Angeles’ Galen Center, the updates were almost leaked. However, I agree that the Star wars with a kinect touch was fair enough and will work pretty well. Seems these hardcore kinect games were the highlight of the E3 press conference!

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