E3 2009: EA Press Conference Wrap-Up

Just in case you missed it…

EA’s press conference opened up with a trailer for Dante’s Inferno which looked impressive, then a quick look at Sims 3 which I’m looking at this Thursday. Then EA went down the kiddy route and showed off the latest versions of My Littest Pet Shop and Charm Girls Club.

Finally, the show moved onto NFS Shift which looks pretty good, let’s hope it can bring the series back to greatness. Bioware now entered the stage to show off a quick trailer for Dragon Age Origins which releases on October 20th. It looks a great game, but the trailer music was pretty lame. The leaked trailer of Mass Effect 2 emerged again, but it was a bit longer and overall was badass.

A quick EA Sports promotional video begins to show off EA’s upcoming games, then Peter Moore takes the stage to show off Fight Night Round 4 with a fight of Ali vs Tyson, running at a cool 60 fps and is due out on the 25th June. They also confirmed a new franchise called EA Sports MMA, which could seriously damage the UFC videogame series.

Still on sport, they reveal NCAA Football 10 and Madden NFL 10. These versions allow you to customise things from pitches to your players all from web tools and iPhones, pretty impressive stuff. Then there was a bit of filler in the form of EA Sports Active (my review copy is apparently on its way, so I’ll be sure to let you know what I think later) and Peter goes onto say that the game has sold 600k in just two weeks.

Next up is Grand Slam Tennis, which launches with Motionplus support…it looks a lot more accurate than the pointless waggling of the remote during Wii Sports’ version. Pete Sampras comes on stage to give it a try for a second, then they announce that John McEnroe is an exclusive character…amazing stuff *sarcasm*.

Pandemic now take the stage to show off The Saboteur, a Sin City-esque, third-person game set in Paris. It has a pretty good trailer with the song “It’s a new dawn” in the background, an odd choice but the song was changed to a more fastpaced version…great, random stuff.

Now it’s Brutal Legend which gets a good reception from the audience. Announcements include Ozzy Osbourne’s apperance and the release date of October 13th.

Crytek now come on to confirm what we already know, Crysis 2 is coming out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. I wonder why the first game isn’t coming to the consoles? Weird.

Now it’s Realtime World who have been signed by EA to release APB (No release date that I saw) but the trailer was just awesome, go and search for it…if not, I’ll probably put it up later.

Finally, EA shows off a kick ass trailer for Star Wars – The Old Republic. An MMO which is fully voiced and more focused on story than any other MMO.

Well thats a-wrap for EA. I’ll be back at 5pm PT for the Ubisoft press conference.