Coffin Dodgers Races onto PS4 with PS Plus Discount

Take on Death himself in the hottest geriatric racing game of all time! Race In Peace.

Liverpool-Bridgend, UK – May 3, 2016 – In a game where you’re never too old to pimp your ride, Coffin Dodgers is a darkly comedic kart racer which launches today on PlayStation®4 for £9.49, $11.99, €11.99!

Award-winning developers and publishers, Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive, have fused kart racing with crazy old people in “Road Rash” style combat races with laugh-out-loud ragdoll physics as they bash, smash, and trash each other to the death in both single and multiplayer game modes. Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive are also delighted to announce that PlayStation®Plus members will receive a 10% discount to celebrate the launch of Coffin Dodgers!

Xbox gamers shouldn’t despair, the “psychopomp” will harvest your souls on May 6th.