Article: Becoming a Gaming Influencer

A few tips and tricks await…

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Believe it or not, there are ways to make a career from gaming. Often, the majority of us will associate gaming with our free time and consider it a hobby. But if you’re particular good at the games you play, you could start making some money from doing what you love. There are a number of ways to do this and the best for you will depend on your skill, personality and other individual factors. Perhaps one of the best ways to make money through gaming is to become a gaming influencer. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to achieve this goal!


What Is a Gaming Influencer?


Nowadays, more and more people are spending more and more time online. A lot of this time is spent on social media platforms, browsing through content that aligns with our interests. Social media influencers are individuals who amass a lot of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. People will check in on their content and engage with them on a regular basis. Once they gain a large following, every time they post, their content will be seen by many people. Gaming influencers are social media influencers who post gaming related content.


How Do Gaming Influencers Make Money?


As you amass more followers, businesses will realise that every time you post, your content is seen by a significant number of people who could be influenced by your recommendations or by what you are doing. This means that companies will pay you to mention their products on your page. For gaming, gaming companies may pay you to test their new games, stream yourself playing their games, review their games or otherwise promote their games.


Becoming a Gaming Influencer


So, what can you do to become a gaming influencer and experience success and profit in the field? Here are some suggestions to get this journey started out!


  • Set Up Social Media Platforms – first, set up some platforms that you can share your content on. Instagram, Twitch, Youtube and others are popular amongst gamers.

  • Share Content – next, it’s time to start sharing content. Whether that’s pictures, videos or live streaming, or anything else.

  • Accept Fan Mail – you may start getting fan mail. In this case, keep things safe by renting a mailbox that isn’t your home address.

  • Network – collaborate and get on with other gaming influencers. This can introduce you to their followers and increase your following.

  • Pricing – make sure to understand how to price sponsored posts and ads. You want to get the money you deserve for each one.

  • Patience – it can take time to amass the followers you want. So, have patience. You will see your following grow slowly but surely.


Of course, there are other things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a gaming influencer. But hopefully, some of the above advice will help and can get your journey off to a good start. This could be a lucrative new career for you!