Article: How To Start A Gaming Channel

Some tips for you…

Is it safe to choose games as the main niche for a Youtube channel and is it too late (or too early) to start a Youtube Game Channel this year? Should I play one or more games on my Youtube games channel to diversify my content? Indeed, many questions arise when you, as a great player and potential, are about to become a creator of Youtube games. Currently there are a lot of hit game streamers on Youtube like PewDiePie or Preston Arsement and maybe you really want to be just as successful as them. So besides the skills of a gamer, what other elements do you need to become a game streamer on this global platform? 

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Find your game

Social platforms like Youtube and Twitch tend to recommend videos with higher click-through rates and viewing time. Currently, Among Us has thousands of videos with a title with his name. That being said, is this a game that will go along with you throughout your Youtube gaming channel? In other words, the ideal would be to only play one game, the one you prefer for your channel. We know that each player likes more than one game. However, it is important to have a strong concentration and to limit the temptation of other games. So find a game that resonates with you, it’s better if it’s the one you are proficient in, then you can play other games just to relax a bit and take a break from the pressure of making videos. 

Prepare the right recording equipment

Devices that support game streaming are complex, technical, and will cost more than other niches on Youtube. In order to get a good picture and sound effect when broadcasting, you need to seriously invest in the supporting material.


Simply put, the audience wants to see your facial expressions while playing a game, because generally speaking, the Youtube gaming channel is all about filming you sitting in one place and commenting on what you are playing. You won’t want your images to be blurry, too bright, or too dark. A ring light gives a good picture, however, for live streamers (especially those who wear glasses) it is too glare and can hurt their eyes. The softbox diffuses a light while the LEDs create low heat compared to other bulbs, helping you to have a cool space while working. When properly adjusted, your shadows as well as reflections on the glasses will be filtered out, as a result the frame will be better shown, especially the soft light that does not make your eyes uncomfortable. 


If you really want to become a Youtube game streamer, you need to invest in a 4K transceiver. Besides capturing images from videos and games with high quality resolution, you can converse with your audience through your portrait device.

Video / Stream Editing Software

Currently, the two most widely used software for live streaming are OBS and Xsplit. Both of these software are useful applications to help you record and save videos on your computer screen easily and efficiently. You may also want to look at server hosting for video games for further assistance.