Article: Don’t Let Gaming Be Game Over For Your Health

As much as we may love gaming, it’s important for all of us to agree that any hobby or activity, when not done with our health in mind, can be bad for it. A lot of gamers have faced some stigma or criticism for what can be unfairly perceived as a hobby that’s bad for us. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no truth to it at all. Here, we’re going to look at some of the keys to making sure that you’re taking care of yourself as a gamer.

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Ergonomics are crucial

First of all, you should think about the steps needed to create a comfortable gaming space for yourself. Investing in the right ergonomic setup is most important. This means getting yourself a real gaming chair that offers lumbar and neck support, first and foremost. If you’re PC gaming, then you should make sure that your hands are able to reach the keyboard without having to reach too far up. Similarly, you shouldn’t have to crane your neck to be able to see the top of your monitor or TV.


Don’t spend all day sitting

It’s way too easy to see several hours disappear when you sit down for “one more turn” of a strategy game or get stuck into a big open-world epic. However, spending more of your time sitting is going to lead to an increased risk of back pain, not to mention obesity due to a sedentary life. Taking the time to take breaks and getting active during those breaks, even if it’s going for a brisk walk every couple of hours, can help you ensure that the time spent on your butt isn’t too costly for your body.


Take care of your eyes

The potential harm that looking at a computer screen can do to your eyes has often been misstated. It’s not very likely at all to irreversibly harm your eyes. It can, however, cause dry eyes and eyestrain which might not be particularly dangerous but can be painful and a hassle to deal with, even forcing you to stop your gaming sesh early. This is where the best gaming glasses can come in. Glasses can block the blue light that’s given off by monitors, preventing the primary source of eyestrain. However, you should make sure your gaming area is well-lit, too.


The real risk of isolation

Gaming can be a tremendously social and beneficial hobby, whether it’s by playing with friends or helping you connect with other communities. However, it’s important to be aware of the real risks of isolation caused by spending so much time on a hobby that keeps you largely away from other people. Making time to keep up with your friends or looking for more social hobbies, even those like tabletop gaming at a local game center, can help you maintain a more well-rounded life, improving your mental health.


There’s no reason that gaming should get in the way of a healthy life. Hopefully, the tips above can help you prove that.