7 Musicians Making Their Mark on the Esports Industry

7 Musicians Making Their Mark on the Esports Industry

For years, high-profile musicians have been getting involved in the world of traditional esports. JAY-Z was once a stakeholder of the Brooklyn Nets, while rapper Nelly has also thrown his money at the NBA. More recently, it’s been esports that have been piquing the interest of recording artists. Below, we’ll look at 7 musicians who’ve been enticed by the world of competitive video gaming.


  1. The Weeknd

Known to his friends as Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd looked to esports when diversifying his portfolio back in 2019. Eventually, he settled on OverActive Media. Despite being relatively young at the time, the esports organization had already enlisted several teams, including Toronto Defiant and Splyce.


  1. Sean Combs

Better known as Puffy Daddy or plain old Diddy, Sean Combs is a heavyweight in R&B and hip-hop circles. He’s also known as a savvy investor. It was PlayVS that caught his eye back in 2018, with Combs and a group of investors that included the likes of Samsung sinking more than $30 million into the company. This innovative esports enterprise aims to entice youngsters into careers in esports through scholarships, competitions, leagues, and more.


  1. Post Malone

Rapper Post Malone is yet another musician with an interest in video games. In 2020, it was announced that the rapper had become a co-owner of Envy Gaming, an established esports organization that includes several high-profile teams. While Envy Gaming remains one of the most high-profile esports outfits in the United States, this was far from a money-focused move. In fact, the rapper has been an avid player of video games for many years, with the musician previously using Twitch to livestream his favorite titles.


  1. Steve Aoki

American DJ Steve Aoki has been a long-time advocate of Twitch and other streaming services. As well as broadcasting sets from these platforms, he’s also been known to indulge in a little game live streaming from time to time. More recently, he’s expanded his interests to include esports. Unlike other musicians who’ve only invested in organizations, Aoki created one from scratch when he co-founded Rogue.


After ReKTGlobal acquired the Rogue roster, the organization has since expanded, with teams for everything from Rocket League to Rainbow Six. Keen to see how your favorite Rogue lineup is doing? Get the lowdown on the latest League of Legends tournament or check out the full Valorant schedule at 1337PRO.com.


  1. Imagine Dragons

Steve Aoki wouldn’t be the last musician to see the potential of Rogue. After the organization was picked up by ReKGTGlobal, several more musical artists flocked to throw money at the rising stars of North American esports. Imagine Dragons are one such example, with the band becoming co-owners of the company after investing an undisclosed stake.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most multifaceted singers out there, with an acting career that would many award-winning thespians to shame. Nonetheless, Lopez is always looking for another string to add to her bow, with esports being just one new avenue she was keen to explore. After much deliberation, Lopez singled out North American esports organization NRG as her next investment, taking on an advisory role.


  1. Snoop Dog

Nobody loves a reinvention quite like Snoop Dog. After becoming joining the board over at FaZe Clan, the mercurial rapper dubbed himself ‘FaZe Snoop’, although he’ll only be using the moniker for official esports business. A long-time fan of video games and the FaZe Clan roster, Snoop’s partnership with the brand would extend to merchandising, branding activities, and content creation.