PS3 Review: International Cricket 2010

Does this go all out to impress or will it run out of wickets before it can?

I have to admit, this is my first time playing a Cricket game on a console. Mainly because I was never really into the sport until we started doing well in the Ashes a few years back, then suddenly I was a fan. But still it’s taken me all this time to get my hands-on with a cricket game. So, has the wait been worth it?

The interface takes some getting used to for beginners like me. Essentially to hit the ball you need to aim towards an area where there’s a gap in the defence, then do one of 4 strikes and then if timed right, run to score. It sounds simple, but the controls don’t make it easy…luckily there’s a step-by-step tutorial to teach you the basics of both battling and bowling. I found it to be very helpful and without it, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do.

Veterans should be used to the controls now, but looking at screenshots and videos of last year’s game, it doesn’t look that different. Still, it’s easy to pick up and play if you are a long-time player. There are plenty of modes like online, 4 tournaments including the World 20 Overs (T20), 20 Overs Super League (T20), Champions Cup (ODI) and World Trophy (ODI). Not to mention an expanded roster of 16 international teams. So there is some nice content to be found, although its probably very familiar.

The visuals look a bit better than 2009, but it isn’t a huge graphical leap that maybe we were expecting. I do wonder though if 2011 will include Move/Kinect support? Or if a patch will come to implement it for the 2010 version? I think the controls may be off-putting for some and adding in motion controls will breach the gap for both newcomers and veterans. The audio is average, but then you wouldn’t want too much in that regard from a cricket game…would you?

The Verdict

As a first step into the cricket genre, this is a good step for me and newcomers who fancy trying something different. Veterans may be dismayed that only a small amount has changed from 2009, but it’s moving in the right direction. Add Move and Kinect support for next year and expect it to get a much higher score.

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