3DS Review: Pokémon Dream Radar

Do you really need to “catch them all” in AR?

Pokémon Dream Radar is an AR game that costs very little on the 3DS eShop. You control the game by moving the 3DS’ camera around wherever you are playing and shoot clouds that grant you orbs to upgrade your equipment for catching Pokémon that pop up now and then, but the amount of clouds you see depletes depending on how often you play, which is weird in a sense.

The good news is that you can transfer captured Pokémon to Pokémon White 2/Black 2 as long as you have the game in your 3DS, but I was unable to try this out as I have yet to get the games…but I imagine it being a great help. You can also use Play Coins to make clouds replenish quicker, but it does seem random on how many Pokémon appear during a search, and actually capturing them is a pain, if I’m honest. Essentially, the screen will flash and a bright orb will move around the room and you have to almost capture like something from Ghostbusters by holding down the beam over the target until the meter is filled, but you have a time limit and the orb moves very quickly. Upgrades make the experience a bit easier, but it’s still a pain to do.

The Verdict

It’s hard to actually judge as a game, because technically it isn’t one…it’s more of an app to help you capture Pokémon to use in the more recent games. I’ve decided not to give it a score in a traditional sense as a result and instead leave you to make up your own mind on wherever it’s right for you. It’s a worthy purchase if you actually own or are planning to get the new games, otherwise it’s pretty pointless.