3DS Review: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions

The RPG that started it all gets a 3DS remake…

The Game Boy Advance was home to some truly great titles such as The Minish Cap, Metroid Fusion and Mario Kart Super Circuit to name a few, but it was a curious RPG called Superstar Saga that not only brought us Mario back to his RPG roots for the first time since Paper Mario, but also created a whole new series as a result and not to mention, it was one of the best games for the handheld. It’s been long due for a remake and now it’s here…

The remake follows the same story as the original, Princess Peach’s voice is stolen and Mario & Luigi head to the Beanbean Kingdom to recover it. Like with Paper Mario, Superstar Saga is full of humour and pokes fun at itself throughout, plus also making jokes at poor Luigi’s expense. The game is a mixture of RPG and platforming/puzzle-solving as Mario and Luigi travel to the Beanbean Kingdom trying to track down Peach’s voice and putting a stop to the villain’s plans.

There are a few changes to the remake, first of all…there’s an Easy Mode option for those who struggle with the battles. It’s optional of course and you can switch it off at any time, but it does make some of the rather brutal battles near the end that much easier. I completed the original game a few times, but that very last fight is cruel beyond imagining even if prepared. There’s also Amiibo support in the form of equipment gifts from any of the Mario series.

Finally, there’s Bowser’s Minions…which is a separate story that pops up after a few hours into the game. You start as a Goomba who is trying to track down Bowser after the beginning of the game and raises an army of Bowser’s Minions to beat those who get in the way. Combat is different here as you simply set out the formation of your fighters against your foes and simply watch the battle. You do get prompts to do attacks now and then, plus you can use the d-pad for boosts to your squad or to stop an enemy from attacking, but these are limited. It’s a nice addition to the already great original game, plus it’s a nice change of pace.

Visually, this remake is more in line with the other 3DS entries like Dream Team Bros. and Paper Jam, which is no bad thing. There’s no 3D support though, which isn’t hugely surprising but still slightly disappointing. The soundtrack is classic Mario as are the sound effects, while the dialogue is still hilarious.

The Verdict

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions is a must-have for the 3DS, regardless of whether you played the original or not. Bowser’s Minions alone is enough to warrant a buy for those who own the original, while the complete package is an amazing deal and one that you owe to yourself to get.

Score: 9.0