Nintendo Switch: Red Game Without A Great Name

December 7, 2017 by  

An improvement over Green Game: Timeswapper?

Imagine a hostile Steampunk world where long distance communication is limited to post services. Each venture into the world brings great danger to the messenger, thus a special invention of a mechanical bird was introduced. This brave creature takes your secret letters and deliver them to the furthest parts of the world. Will you help him in his tough job?

Red Game Without a Great Name is a 2D puzzle arcade game where you control a mechanical bird carrying a secret message. Your goal is to deliver a letter to a recipients cage, actually to 60 of them. It wont be an easy task – you will have to face different traps along the way, including: barbed wire, windmill blades, spikes, and many others. Use the extraordinary power of teleportation to move your character through the level. Pick up power-ups to gain temporary abilities, like smashing walls, or invulnerability to damage. Collect gears to fully complete the game

Red Game Without a Great Name, like Green Game: Timeswapper was originally released on PC, IOS, Android and Vita before coming out on Switch. It too features the mechanical bird that literally only had one element to the gameplay. This time around you swipe the touch-screen to avoid on-coming obstacles, which gives more control than simply flicking a switch that was the only option in Timeswapper.

You’d think that actually having more control over the bird would be a good thing, but alas the touch-screen controls are hit and miss. I’ve swiped a good number of times for the game to not even recognise it, resulting in failure a few times…the others I was lucky enough to get it to recognise just before a collision. It’s just confusing that a game that depends entirely on swiping can fail. It too can also only be played in handheld mode.

The Verdict

The problem with both Red Game and Green Game is that they both simply aren’t that fun to play, they are one dimensional and it’s a shame when it has a nice steampunk art style. For Red Game to fail to recognise swiping is simply unforgivable in this day and age, especially given the more sophisticated hardware of the Switch.

Score: 5.0

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